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Design Services

Powertrain Development

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CMB.TECH has over 25 years’ experience in delivering high quality, reliable and cost effective engineering solutions, specialising in bespoke design, powertrain development (both ICE & EV), hydrogen technologies, engine calibration and low volume manufacturing. We are the world leaders in delivering hydrogen projects serving automotive, marine, power and rail industries.


CMB.TECH’s design services encompass the entire process from concept through to final production. The team of in-house designers address styling, packaging, layout and manufacturing issues.

Our analysis toolkit consists of many software products covering linear static, dynamic, non-linear static, impact, occupant kinematics, heat and fluid flow.

These techniques can be used individually or combined to generate an accurate prediction/correlation of the structural analysis behaviour under examination.

Incorporating the effective use of CAE reduces product development time-frames and reduces engineering risk.

Application Experience includes: 
• Hydrogen systems and components
• Electric drivetrain systems and components
• Powertrain systems and components
• Chassis/steering components
• Base engine systems and components
• HVAC systems and components
• Exhaust systems
• Special vehicle systems and equipment



CMB TECH Powertrain development

CMB.TECH provides complete and comprehensive powertrain development capabilities.

Coupled with our automotive and marine experience, we are able to integrate systems optimally into the vehicle/vessel as a whole.

Our experience includes the application of new engines into existing vehicles, and existing engines into new vehicles; from base engine concepts through to full certification, and post technical support.

Engine Development:
• Hydrogen combustion engine development
• Full load performance
• Emissions performance
• Combustion performance and analysis
• Cooling, intake and exhaust system design and optimisation
• Base engine mechanical design and development
• Base engine durability development
• Fuel and purge system design and development




CMB.TECH is a specialist calibrator of multi-fuels: Hydrogen, Gasoline, Diesel, Bio Fuels, LPG/CNG.

A history of successful delivery; we continue to work with numerous OEMs on calibration projects (eg. Ford, JLR, Volvo).

Extensive experience calibrating most vehicle control systems – FDEC, FGEC, Bosch, Continental, Siemens, Visteon, Delphi, Denso, etc.

We have developed our own control systems for bespoke applications, in collaboration with NIRA in Sweden.

CMB.TECH are Ford Component Sales’ recommended calibration partner, implementing installations and calibrations for smaller OEMs including: Morgan, Noble, Troller (Ford Brazil), Caterham, Gordon Murray Design.

Calibrations can be undertaken in-house or at customer facilities.

Hydrogen, Gasoline, Diesel, Bi-Fuel (including Hydrogen/LPG/CNG) and Hybrid:
• Emissions calibration
• Performance calibration
• Environmental calibration
• OBD and EOBD calibration
• Driveability calibration
• EMS strategy design
• EMS hardware design and integration
• Emissions control technology development



CMB.TECH’s project management, design and engineering support, electrical/electronic integration combine to produce working, functional prototypes and on to low volume manufacture.  

These services can be at component level up to and including the full vehicle. 

Through innovative and lateral thinking, difficult problems are resolved, all as a normal part of the service offered in the prototype manufacturing process.  

The quality and attention to detail in our products are demonstrated at OEM technical reviews and major worldwide sales and marketing events.

Technologies & experience include:
• Clay modelling  
• Jig and fixture manufacture  
• Hot air and sonic welding  
• Large and small part vacuum forming  
• Component manufacture in composites, metal (tube and sheet), and wood  
• Electrical and electronic integration
• Quality inspection tools

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