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Hydrogen Development

Upgraded cooling towers are currently being installed at our UK facility, part of a major investment program by CMB nv into the testing capabilities of the Brentwood site.

These towers will allow us to continue our development programme for hydrogen mono and dual fuel combustion engines up to 1+MW. This will enable CMB to continue to develop low and zero emission products for our partners and customers.


World leaders in hydrogen innovation

Brentwood Borough Council recently approved our planning application for the upgrade of the cooling tower at our UK facility, which is part of a major investment program by CMB.nV into the testing capabilities of the Brentwood site. We are using local contractors to complete the installation over the coming weeks. This new upgrade, benefitting many local and national businesses, will allow us to expand and update our testing facilities, putting CMB.TECH as leaders in the world of hydrogen mono and dual fuel combustion testing and development for high speed engines up to 1+MW. This will allow CMB to continue to innovate in developing low and zero emission products for our partners and customers.


Cooperation and innovation at its best

Great news as Maritime Campus Antwerp (MCA) bring together maritime and port-based players, from start-ups to corporations. This do-campus will be the centre for innovation extending to the broad maritime and port industry. “I strongly believe in cooperation and innovation as key for these challenges. Joining forces with partners creates scale and by combining know-how and competences will result in R&D and innovative ideas that will help us to respond to new evolutions in the industry.”, says Alexander Saverys, CEO of shipping company CMB and initiator of MCA.


Assisting the Frontline

The CMB.TECH Team are extremely proud to be 3D printing the Prusa Face Shield Headbands to help NHS frontline workers as part of the battle to slow the spread of Covid-19.

These bands will be distributed to health workers from hospitals around the UK during this difficult time. The team are using 3 printers and have already produced over 60 units and will continue to produce for as long as they are required. #StaySafe


COVID-19 Update

We at CMB.TECH have followed the instructions from the Government that all non-essential work places close to help contain the spread of COVID 19. We will continue to follow the Government guidance to support our health service in this troubled time. We have closed our offices, workshops and test facilities for 3 weeks, but we have not stopped working.

Our remote business programs were built and tested far in advance of this current situation to ensure that we can operate from distributed locations for as long as necessary, with 80% of our business continuing as normal.

Where possible we will continue to support our customers and we will continue to pay our suppliers through these difficult days. Please stay safe.


CMB charge an EV with zero emissions genset

The CMB Team continue their validation of our latest genset prototype. Multiple charging cycles of our EV van, plus use of load banks to stimulate having large equipment connected, they have been racking up the running hours whilst producing zero emissions! The genset will soon be deployed in earnest at the new CMB Maritime Campus in Antwerp supplying power to the ground works team.

Watch the video >>>


CMB.TECH sponsors “TARGET ZERO” conference


Our MD Paul Turner recently attended the CMB.TECH sponsored ‘Target Zero’ Second North Sea Hydrogen Ports and Maritime Conference, presenting our view on the roadmap to hydrogen power.  

Paul gave a talk entitled “Hydrogen – a progressive approach”

“We believe that hydrogen will become the underpinning fuel for the transportation industry from the large family car through trucks and on to shipping. But we cannot simply switch over to this fuel as we need to phase out the existing fuels and phase in the new.

Using a progressive approach where we utilise today’s technology, the diesel internal combustion engine (ICE), and substantially substitute the diesel with hydrogen, we can make immediate reductions in greenhouse gas emissions (between 30 and 70% depending on the integration), whilst building an infrastructure of affordable hydrogen.

Until the hydrogen infrastructure is mature, this technology will allow the commercial operation of vehicles and vessels even when hydrogen supplies are interrupted or they temporarily operate where the infrastructure has not yet been installed.

As the world’s hydrogen supplies migrate to full Electrolysis and the hydrogen purities improve, we can see a phase in of fuel cell technology and the reduction in costs of both the fuel cell and associated power electronics to compete with the hydrogen engine. The investments needed to achieve cost parity with the ICE being opened up by the wide spread deployment of hydrogen station.

We see hydrogen gas as underpinning inland waterways and near shore shipping, with hydrogen in the form of ammonia or methanol being used for deep see vessels. As zero emissions become mandatory on these large vessels, the reconversion of these fuels back to hydrogen for zero emissions use in 100% hydrogen engines or even large-scale fuel cells will be the likely route. Although liquid hydrogen in shipping may also offer another potential route.”


HyVolution: CMB.TECH presents “Hydrogen in the Maritime Industry”


Our MD Paul Turner recently exhibited and presented ‘Hydrogen in the maritime industry’ at the HyVolution conference in Paris:

Decarbonised hydrogen solutions

CMB.TECH’s official opening party of the newly refurbished Brentwood Office


Ludovic Saverys from CMB’s head office in Belgium performed the opening ceremony, then joined us to celebrate the official opening of the newly refurbished Brentwood offices and workshop. 

The CMB.TECH team is extremely busy with 15 active projects and many more in the pipeline. Everyone is really looking forward to an exciting 2020.


Hydrotug: the world’s first hydrogen powered tugboat



Currently in the design phase, the Hydrotug will be the first tugboat in the world to be powered by combustion engines that burn hydrogen in combination with diesel. The HydroTug is expected to be operating in Port of Antwerp within two years.

“We are convinced of the potential of hydrogen as the key to sustainable shipping and making the energy transition of a reality,” says Alexander Saverys, CEO of Compagnie Maritime Belge. “The expertise that we acquire with the Hydrotug will enable us to further develop the use of hydrogen as a ship’s fuel.”

The hydrogen dual-fuel co-combustion tug is a new opportunity in a world which demands all businesses, services and industry to reduce their emissions.

CMB has looked at the available technologies and found that, based on current industry demands and operating behaviour, hydrogen is the only fuel which can provide a zero-emission future. 

With Hydrotug, CMB confirms its international pioneering role in the transition to ships powered by environmentally friendly fuel.


CMB and Tsuneishi join forces to build a hydrogen-powered ferry



By combining TFC’s state-of-the-art shipbuilding capabilities and CMB Technologies’ extensive knowhow in marine hydrogen systems, both parties hope to build a revolutionary ship that will be a milestone in the journey towards zero carbon emission shipping.

This new development also supports Japan’s vision to become a leading hydrogen society by 2050.
After receiving the necessary regulatory approval, the ship will be built at TFC’s facilities in Onomichi, Japan and is expected to be delivered in time for the Hydrogen Olympic Games in 2020. 

Tsuneishi Facilities & Craft Co., Ltd. is engaged in the building and repair of aluminium alloy vessels, general construction, and lifeboat maintenance and inspection. In our pursuit of safety and comfort for marine traffic and lifestyles through these businesses, we challenge ourselves to take on new initiatives that will enable people to live pleasantly, in a manner that gives them a sense of reassurance toward the future. 


CMB accelerates its investments in hydrogen technologies.



Since 1995, Revolve Technologies Limited (RTL) has specialised in the engineering, development, prototyping, design and testing of automotive and marine engines.

RTL has been pioneering and developing hydrogen combustion engines (H2ICE) and systems for more than 10 years. 

Among other things, RTL has developed the engines on board the CMB-owned Hydroville, the world’s first sea-going vessel with dual fuel diesel-hydrogen engines. 

The business will be fully integrated under CMB NV. is the Innovation and Development division of CMB NV. focuses on hydrogen and low carbon technologies, energy saving solutions, digital fleet performance monitoring and weather routing. 

The newly acquired business will be rebranded and will remain based in Brentwood, UK. will not only focus on CMB’s hydrogen projects, but also continue to supply consultancy services to third party customers in the automotive and marine industries.’s growing team consists of over 30 highly skilled engineers and technical staff and includes a workshop for prototyping and engine test cell facilities.

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